Chris envisions Denton as a place where citizens and businesses can thrive through sound financial management of our city’s resources. Sufficient financial resources will enable the city to provide for the general health, welfare and safety of our community, while expanding amenities and quality-of-life offerings, including diverse cultural experiences.

The following (in random order) promote my long-term vision:

  • Provide sufficient funding to repair and maintain roads, drainage and infrastructure.
  • Retain and encourage expansion of existing businesses.
  • Reduce dependency on debt.
  • Ensure adequate training facilities for fire and police personnel.
  • Explore a performance arts center in downtown funded, in part, by a state-legislated increase in hotel-motel tax.
  • Collaborate with city, Denton County Transit Authority and private property owners to increase the number and size of bus shelters.
  • Recruit new businesses that provide upward wages and career mobility.
  • Preserve and promote historical assets.
  • Continue to increase number of bike-lane miles.
  • Continue to promote green energy through utility rebate incentives and purchase of renewable energy by Denton Municipal Electric.
  • Finalize languishing tree ordinance and promote increase in tree canopy through tree preservation and new plantings.
  • Reverse anti-business reputation of Denton.
  • Modify policies to (1) encourage entrepreneurs and small-business development and (2) maximize the rate of return on economic development incentives.
  • Promote pedestrian-friendly development that is consistent with the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Increase time allowed for citizens to address Council to 5 minutes.
  • Promote water conservation and adjust codes accordingly.

What is your vision for Denton? I’d like to hear it.

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