The city is a business comprised of many diverse areas. These include streets, drainage, sewer, electric utilities, water, public safety/emergency services, airport, public transportation, parks, libraries, and animal services, among others. Chris has developed in-depth knowledge of these complex and interrelated city areas from his tenure on Council from 2007 to 2013.

Chris is a self-made businessman who built a successful company from a single transaction, the purchase of his family home. As a real estate investor, Chris daily analyzes potential property acquisitions and sales, profit & loss statements, and rate-of-return on investment. With this data, he determines the best way to maximize economic return on assets. These same types of economic analyses are part of a city’s decision-making process.

The city has numerous contracts with outside vendors and government agencies and also is involved in complex legal matters from time to time. Chris’ legal background provides him with unique skills essential in thorough analysis of documents under consideration.

The city is involved in negotiations on a daily basis and has opportunities to enter into public-public (governmental) and public-private partnerships. The negotiation skills Chris has honed during the past 25 years enable him to identify the needs of each party and find collaborative solutions, while optimizing the interests of the city and its citizens.

When analyzing issues before Council, Chris not only reads the fine print, but also comprehends the details. He understands that big problems can grow from small decisions — and that big solutions can come from small adjustments. Chris thinks outside the box and is open to others who offer creative solutions.

During his time on Council, Chris sought and carefully weighed the opinions of his constituents. He made every effort to inform himself fully prior to voting. He asked hard questions and pressed for complete answers. Chris believes optimal outcomes occur only when all available information —  representing all sides of an issue — is considered.

There are issues that…would not have been discussed in great enough detail had Chris Watts not been there and added that dynamic to those complex issues.

— “Reflections of Watts,” Denton Record-Chronicle, May 19, 2013

 Watts has earned the reputation of being the council’s most prolific question-asker during council meetings. He is also emerging as an alternative voice to the often unanimous decisions of the other council members.

— ThinkDenton.com, Feb. 2, 2011