Keynote address, Texas Woman’s University Commencement


Message to Citizens

Four years have passed since you first granted me the opportunity to serve as your mayor. I have listened closely, asked hard questions, encouraged passionate debate and voted my conscience.

As mayor, I have been honored to guide the city through a time of unprecedented growth, including the construction of many new residential, retail, commercial and industrial developments.

My tenure has also included many challenging issues, including the Frack-Free campaign/election, with subsequent state legislation that nullified the citizens’ voice, the Denton Energy Center and the Denton Renewable Plan.

During the past four years, the City Council also hired a new city manager, internal auditor and city attorney.

In the shadow of prosperity, however, Denton also has seen an increase in those both homeless and at risk of becoming homeless. To improve services to the less fortunate, I have worked to build partnerships between the city and non-profit organizations. Today, I chair the Denton County Homeless Leadership Team.

I hope you believe my record reflects good stewardship of taxpayer dollars and commitment to strong economic growth, core services and support of neighborhoods.

Thank you for your belief in me during my first four years in office. Now, I must ask for your support again, so we can continue the work we began in 2014. Your vote is important. Early voting begins Monday, April 23, and Election Day is Saturday, May 5.

If re-elected, I pledge to continue bringing grassroots leadership to complex issues and decisions. Together, we can ensure Denton enjoys a strong, solid foundation from which it can greet growth with confidence.



Citizen input regarding the impact of each issue on the community is a vital component of the decision-making process.

Improved economic development strategies will reduce the need for new taxes and fees while improving the quality of life for all citizens.

Citizens receive the greatest economic and cultural benefit when preservation and development are complementary, not competitive. Our significant historic properties are assets to be treasured.