Denton citizens face fiscal challenges that demand new direction, fresh energy, responsive leadership, and creative, effective solutions. We have only one choice – we must do better.

Citizen input regarding the impact of each issue on the community is a vital component of the decision-making process.

Boards and commissions fulfill an invaluable advisory role in the public process through their independent analyses of issues.

Improved economic development strategies will reduce the need for new taxes and fees while improving the quality of life for all citizens.

Citizens receive the greatest economic and cultural benefit when preservation and development are complementary, not competitive. Our significant historic properties are assets to be treasured.


The city is a business comprised of many diverse areas. These include streets, drainage, sewer, electric utilities, water, public transportation, parks, and animal services, among others. Chris has developed in-depth knowledge of these interrelated city areas from his tenure on Council from 2007 to 2013…

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Chris employs his leadership and negotiation skills to garner consensus among those with diverse interests. While serving on the Denton City Council and working with non-profit organizations, Chris has been effective in identifying issues, gathering information from all sides and crafting better solutions…

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Chris envisions Denton as a place where citizens and businesses can thrive through sound financial management of our city’s resources. Sufficient financial resources will enable the city to provide for the general health, welfare and safety of our community, while expanding amenities and quality-of-life offerings…

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